The Technology

Best equipment
Our textiles are produced at benevit van Clewe in their own equipment at Gerhard van Clewe GmbH & CO KG and in their own ready-made clothing. We produce using more than 50 machines. In our development laboratory we are constantly researching innovations and testing the quality of our products.

We can realise fully integrated finishings from dry and wet, dyeing plants and high finishing, as well as composite production and coating.

Every year, we equip more than 10 million metres of fabrics for a wide variety of applications.

With ultra-modern machines and the latest technologies, we manufacture all our articles under the certificate DIN ISO 9001, the environmental management system DIN ISO 14001 and the energy management system DIN ISO 50001.

Responsibility for resources and our environment is a top priority at van Clewe. We operate our own water treatment plant and our own power plant – also certified according to ISO 14001.

smartcel™ sensitive Zinc fibre
The basis for many protective products from benevit van Clewe is the innovative smartcel™ sensitive zinc fibre, the development of which was awarded the German Innovation Prize. By the use of valuable, pharmaceutically pure zinc oxide this high-tech fibre has excellent characteristics: it has an odour-reducing, cooling, antibacterial effect and contributes to the protection and recovery of stressed, irritated or even diseased skin.

The storage of zinc oxide in the fibres is performed using a modern process that does not involve nanotechnology or the use of aggressive chemicals. Our textiles thus guarantee a permanent release of zinc to the skin.

smartcel™ sensitive contains only natural and the best ingredients. Our aim is to combine first-class quality with a pronounced understanding of ecology and sustainability. Our products make this claim perceptible and experienceable for you and your customers.