Bed protection pad „Kassel“ washable, with soft cotton top

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Includes 19% MwSt.
Delivery Time: 2-3 days

DIVERSITY: This waterproof reusable underlay can be used in many areas, for example for children’s mattresses, baby mattresses, bed-wetting, as a changing mat or home care. Protects the mattress perfectly against contamination, which considerably extends the life of the mattress.
IMPERMEABLE TO LIQUIDS: Due to the internal moisture protection, complete protection against liquids is guaranteed, and the bed protection cover is also impermeable to blood and urine. At the same time, the underlay is breathable and permeable to air/liquid absorption: approx. 3.02 l/m².
PERFECT FIT: Standard size: 75x90cm, linked all around or available with side wings for insertion.
MATERIAL:  100% cotton molleton napped, quilted (wave) with 100% polyester volume and absorbent fleece, laminated with polyurethane film, reverse side polyester velour light blue

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Model incontinence pad (EU-size)

chained edge on all sides, with side wings, chained edge on all sides, without side wings

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